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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tying up loose ends

“Honey, can you untie me?”  If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that… I’d have a dime.  You are probably thinking, “You are married to a bondage model, how is it possible that you haven’t tied her up before? “  The simple answer is that she does not film her kinks, and I don’t know what my kinks are. 

On this trip, we have done two bondage shoots.  On the first, I was a spectator and helper for Tony of, and on the second was for a private collector/first time photographer where I actually did some of the rope work, with the guidance of my lovely wife.  Both shoots were glamour bondage/damsel in distress videos and stills.

 I learned the finer points of glamour bondage, the importance of making sure that the ropes don’t overlap and that the ties look as tight as possible, but without cutting off circulation and leaving deep pressure marks.  I saw several different chair based scenarios, Ms. Marvel in either business skirt or evening gown, legs tied with various foot, ankle, calf and thigh wraps.   

Her arms were tied around the shoulders and elbows, and wrapped under and above her 
 breasts, constricting them and making them stand out even more, which is quite impressive considering how blessed she already is by the boobie faerie. 

 After the tie and wardrobe was selected, the next phase of the set was selecting a gag.  She has a bag full of bandanna that can be used for a cleave gag, which is simply folding a bandana and wrapping it around the head and between the lips.  The cleave gag is purely done for appearances, as it is quite easy to talk through.  There’s also a ball gag, which is a ball that goes between the teeth and fastened behind the head with a leather strap.  Tape can also be used, duct tape, medical tape or foam tape.  The final type of gag I witnessed (I’m sure there are a ton of others) was a bit, similar to what is used on horses. A big leather bar goes between the teeth and is strapped around the head.  I saw each of these used with various outfits.

Doing this for over five years, my wife has become an expert at many elements of bondage, a fact that frequently rears its ugly head while we are relaxing and enjoying a TV show or a movie.  A character on the show will be taken hostage and tied up in some way shape or form, and a diatribe such as follows will occur.  “Look at how loose those ropes are! She could wiggle out of those so easily! There’s only one layer of duct tape on her legs, she just have to twist her ankles and she could easily get out.  That gag is a cleave gag, it’s not going to stop her from yelling at all…” At this point I usually roll my eyes and say “Honey, leave it at work, will ya please?”  Though to be fair, I do the same thing with fire safety equipment depictions in movies.  You never want to watch Backdraft so I can’t complain too much about it.  But I digress.

Once she was all tied up and gagged, the producer would then film a five plus minute video of Ms. Marvel struggling against her restraints, utilizing her uncannily expressive face and eyes to their full dramatic power.  She does an amazing damsel in distress/doe-eyed look, and depending on how tight the gags are placed, she will drool in surprising quantity.  She twisted and pressed and pulled against the ropes, flexing her legs and ankles, drooling, moaning and grunting through the gag.  The producer would click it off, check to see if she was okay, and remove the ropes.  I was occasionally called in to lift, rotate, or place her on the floor, which was often difficult due to the way the arm ties are done.  I had to make sure not to pop her arms out of the sockets or crush a shoulder.

I was easily able to discern the difference in the ties between Tony, a seasoned producer and the first-timer. The private collector's ropework was functional, but not so much a featured part of the clip.  I could see how delicately and carefully the ropes had to be wrapped in order to look the best, and how meticulous Tony was with his ties, making sure that Ms. Marvel was comfortable, and also that the ties looked really good.  He had a few specific requests to fulfill, but mostly, he just picked three sets of clothes out for her, and sat back and let her do what she does best, which seems to be squirming and drooling and big panicked eyes.

At a request from a very frisky septuagenarian, the final set of Tony’s shoot involved a hogtie (where the feet are attached by rope to the hands and the subject is placed face down) and a vibrator rigged to a rope running between her legs. Not surprisingly, this is called a crotchrope.  The picture at the top of the blog is a candid from this shoot. Ms. Marvel writhed and squirmed against her ropes, and even got herself to tear up and freak out so convincingly that both Tony and I damn near ran over in the middle of the shoot to make sure she was ok.  She really is quite good at this stuff.

She also happens to be really good with the ties, having paid close attention to the ropework over years of many different bondage shoots with different producers.  She can even tie herself up, an occasional request from some of her followers. She helped both the private collector and I tie her up and get what he wanted from the shoot.  She coached us on different positions we could do with legs and arms, chest ropes, shoulder ropes, how to anchor the ropes so they wouldn’t slip, different ways to tie her to the chair, etc. 

I’d like to see some of the other varieties of content that can be done.  I’m certain there can be a lot more to it than the girl/secretary/superhero next door tied up and pleading and struggling.  I am beginning to gain an appreciation for the look of the ties, I was even fussing with them, trying to get them to look just right.  There is definitely a sense of accomplishment when you take your time and get a tie just right so it not only looks good on stills, it keeps form when struggling occurs.  I’ve always enjoyed knots and ropework, from my time in Boy Scouts, to rappelling, belaying and rescue scenarios in my Rescue Practices class, it seems it may be time to dust off my roping skills and getting some practice in!

 A special thanks goes out to Tolstoy Tony for his hospitality,blog plugs and the header photo.  Check out his beautiful babes in bondage (the man loves alliteration as much as I do!) at!

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