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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The game is afoot

Mrs. Marvel has pretty feet, an observation confirmed by how much foot work she has done and constant commentary from photographers.  I’ve never really been into feet, but I can certainly acknowledge the attractiveness of her feet.  She can spread all her toes out from each other, grab things with them, and she has a very high arch that is extremely desirable to the foot community.  I spent the better part of two days up close and personal with those legendary feet.

I was her dedicated foot sub for about 8 different shoots.  I did several sessions of sock worship, licking her socks up and down,  peeling them off her feet, and putting as much of her foot in my mouth as possible (which turned out to be about the first twenty percent or so, I’ve got a big yap), then peeling the sock off and stuffing it in my mouth.  I also at several points put as much of both of her feet in my mouth getting almost all toes on both feet, and managing to get them all a couple of times.  I drank water that rolled down her leg and cascaded off the sock into my mouth.  She found the dirtiest looking clean socks she had, so the desirable quality of nasty, sweaty, dirty sock could be attained for the video, helped by the descriptions of strenuous physical activity that Mrs. Marvel was supplying.

After that I did some high heel worship, again with the implication being that the high heel to be worshipped has been walked on all day, through dirty floors and carpets, and that the sub is licking all the dirt off.  She had several pair of heels that had never been used, and thoroughly disinfected them before I put my mouth on them.  I licked and kissed all over the shoe, getting them nice and shiny.  The coup de grace of high heel worship is to have the sub suck on the heel spike, which I did.  It’s very difficult to get your head at the right angle to do it right, without whacking your face on the body of the heel, or scraping your teeth with the spike, which is really uncomfortable.  The shoes were also placed on my face where I was told to loudly and deeply inhale, thus solidifying the illusion that the shoes were well worn. 

Witch Hazel is the disinfectant/cleaner of choice, apparently due to its lack of taste after a cleaning.   I found that it tasted like bad soy sauce.  Better than rubbing alcohol though, that’s for sure.  I didn’t particularly enjoy either worship session, but I would say the socks were worse.  The fuzzyness, the gag reflex trying to kick in as the sock is stuffed in your mouth, the way the texture scrapes on the tongue, and how the taste would get worse after a session, due to my saliva soaking in.

Included in these shoots was also some foot abuse, where she would fishhook my mouth with her toes, smash my features with her toes, force facial expressions on me with her toes and feet, slap me in the face with her feet, crank my neck and choke me with her feet, etc. 
At the end of two days, we shot a custom requested video where Mrs. Marvel stretched and manipulated her feet and toes for an awfully long time.  While she was doing this, I was rolling around and rubbing my back and shoulders on the carpet like a high school kid on ecstasy, trying to get some redness on my back so that when she walked on it, her foot and toe prints would show up.  I was called into the shot, did some more foot worship, and then she walked on my back.

She’s walked on my back before for chiropractic reasons, but this time, in order to fulfill the request, she was trying to leave prints on my back.  It was a different experience.   She was walking on me for several minutes, and when she was trying to dig in, I would flex my stomach and roll my shoulders back, lifting into the pressure.  It wasn’t particularly painful, but it was strenuous.  After that, I flipped over on my back and she stood on my chest.  I’ve never had anyone walk on my chest before, and that was tough.  I whispered to her to move onto my stomach so she could also put a foot on my face.  She had a little more difficulty standing on my chest, which caused her balance to shift, which was a lot more uncomfortable.  Then she commanded me to get up on my knees, where she faux kicked me in the junk, and after I doubled over, kicked me in the ass and walked out of the frame as I rolled around and writhed on the floor.  

I told her afterwards that I had had enough of feet for a little while.   But, the shoot did inspire some interest in playing with her feet and trying to get a different reaction, and not in a dom/sub type of scenario, so that was well worth the journey.  It was a really interesting experience shooting, as the videographer kept seeing more and more potential for our shoot to cover various requests, so one shoot with me turned into 5 hours of different shoots.  I ended up getting 4+ blogs worth of material from two days.  I took a good sized bite of the fetish pie.  It tasted like feet.

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