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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Origin of the Blog

Being married to a fetish model is the adult equivalent to the old “kid in a candy store” adage.  My wife and I were best friends for years before we got hitched, but we never really talked too much about sex, kinks, etc.
When we finally hooked up, she asked me what I liked, what I was into, what really turned me on, and said that any of my wildest fantasies would now be able to come true.  I had a little experience with some light bondage, Dom/Sub, restraints, flogging, spanking, tickling, and I knew I liked those, but nothing really past that.  I realized, to my chagrin, and her disappointment, that I had no fantasies.  Nothing.  The kinky world was my oyster, and I didn’t even know where to dive in.  I was the kid in front of the candy store with a hundred dollar bill, every kind of tasty treat at my fingertips, and I had no clue what I wanted, or would enjoy, and no clue even where to start!

I’m a sci-fi/comic book/horror guy, so I figured maybe something from years of various and sundry nerdery would have planted some kind of sexual idea, would I get turned on by seeing her dress as Leia, or Wonder Woman, Penelope Pitstop, anything?!?  While I think she would look sexy in those costumes, and it would be fun, it doesn’t really flip a switch for me or anything.
My career took a turn for the worse in early 2011, and rather than not see my wife for 4 months while I sit home depressed and trying to find work, we decided that I should go on tour with her, see more of the country than just the four states I have been to other than California.  Really get out there and experience a different scene and perspective.  Her career has helped her really figure out who she is and wants to be, and what she needs and wants from life.  Being an internet fetish model has done wonders for her personal growth, and maybe, traveling with her could impart some similar wisdom for me.  I could break away from the routines, and really try something different.  I could focus more on writing, and find more inspiration and ideas, figure out my next move, visit some family and friends I haven’t seen in a long time.  When else would I get an awesome opportunity like this again?

I will also find out a lot about myself.  How can I handle being crammed in a car for 10+ hours a day listening to nothing but the sounds of the road and NPR?  I have a need for noise, sometimes quiet makes me uncomfortable.  Do I need a gym membership, or would I enjoy doing Yoga in a hotel room?  Do I need a comfy apartment and big bed to sleep in to be happy, or could I happily exist jumping from place to place?  I’m somewhat of a homebody, never suffering too much for wanderlust, how would I adapt to these scenarios? I could really strip away a lot of bullshit and unnecessary trappings of suburban life and really get down to my essence.

Then things got really interesting when she mentioned to her bookings that I was going to be with her, and that places to crash would be appreciated, and they started asking about me for shoots.  She asked me what I was and wasn’t willing to do.  I had no idea.  I have explored many other boundaries in my life, but never my sexual boundaries to this extent.

She has told me many times about what she does out on the road but there’s a difference between hearing about getting hypnotized, or hit in the ass with a pie, or holding completely still while pretending to be dead, and actually experiencing it.  Which is what I am setting out to do.  I am setting my status as open to just about anything, I welcome the opportunity to be silly, have some fun, do some really weird and crazy things, let go of my inhibitions, and walk the proverbial mile in my wife’s stilettos.

Soon, we leave our love nest and kitties behind, and embark on a 3.5 month journey of personal discovery, national exploration, strengthening our bond and marriage, and to answer the age old question that has plagued philosophers for centuries: How difficult is it to destroy a toy robot purchased at a gas station using only one’s ass?

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