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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Playing it by ear

Anyone ever grab your ear as a kid?  Maybe to get your attention, or as punishment for something you did?  I can’t recall it ever happening to me, or if it did, I don’t remember it, and I certainly didn’t sexualize the experience.  There is, however a group of people out there who have.  Most fetishes seem to take root during childhood.  According to the videographer, the ear twisting is a big fetish among Indian men, as ear twisting is a common punishment .  In order to fulfill more of the requests, Mrs. Marvel and I shot an Ear Twist video.

I played the part of the lazy boyfriend sleeping on the couch on a Sunday instead of doing chores, and just in case you are wondering, it was a stretch for me.  I’m the husband, and I sleep on the bed.  Mrs. Marvel came in acting angry and was supposed to twist and manipulate my ears in order to get me to do what she wanted. 

My ears are pretty sensitive to happy time touching, but apparently not very sensitive to pain at all.  I found out that my ears can be twisted to the point of being almost horizontal without it hurting.  This was put to good use when Mrs. Marvel used my ear to leverage me up and off the couch.  I hammed it up, and shouted and yelled about how much it hurt, and that she was going to rip my ear off, breaking the cartilage, etc.  Apparently, that is of paramount importance to the fetish. 

She lifted me up and then dragged me down to the ground, forcing me by the ear to do sit-ups, and then squats.  The camera zoomed in on my twisted ears as I screamed in mock pain. Mrs. Marvel yelled about what a lazy slob I was, and used the ear twisting to get me to admit my slovenliness and agree into do the plethora of chores asked of me.

This went on for about eight minutes of tugging, yelling, and twisting.  I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking as all this went on.  Afterwards, my ears were extremely warm to the touch, and the next day, they felt like they were sunburned, and were even sensitive a few days later.  Another successful shoot in the bag, another new experience chronicled.

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